EMIT Workstation Installation Form

1. Who is the key contact managing this install?
  Phone Number:
  E-Mail Address:
2. What EMIT SIM Software compatible device(s) will be installed?
Check all that apply:

Note: The cabling for each device is different. Once the total amount of devices being installed is confirmed we will provide a layout including the required cable types to perform the install like described in the below figure

Note: We recommend cable ties to secure the communication cables to the bench to avoid accidental disconnection by the operators.
3. Is there a PC in the designated area that can be used to run EMIT SIM Software and directly connected to the devices installed at the benches?

4. Who will be managing the PC?
5. Will the PC be on the network and have internet access?

Note: The EMIT SIM Software uses a USB license dongle to gain access to the software. Please make sure the PC being used has an available USB port.


If you can provide any additional detail (pictures, drawings, etc) it would help with the install recommendations.

For more information on EMIT SIM Software and its setup please refer to TB-6579.