ESD Paper Log Questionnaire

Although initially shown to be effective, stand alone testers or paper log systems are known not to be 100% accurate. We have provided a series of questions below that are commonly asked during an ESD audit.

- Do your paper logs show any failures?  
- If a Pass entry is logged, do you know that the test was actually made?  
- If a Pass entry is logged, do you know who actually made the entry?  
- If a Pass entry is logged, do you know if they failed previously?  
- If no entry is logged, do you know if the person worked that day?  
- Is calibration of each tester tracked on the same paper log?  
- Do you keep track of smock and ESD shoe testing?  
- Do your paper logs identify the type of test performed per operator?  

If you’ve found yourself answering “No” to any of these questions, we suggest scheduling a web conference with an EMIT sales representative to receive a 30min no charge demo of the EMIT SmartLog V5™ system. The patented EMIT SmartLog V5™ system is designed for fast, frequent, and accurate testing of ESD personnel grounding items. Full details on this system will be provided during the no charge web conference.

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