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  • Provides superior static control coverage and precision performance at competitive prices
  • Computer-controlled balance
  • Low maintenance
  • Revolutionary single conductor delivery system
  • Superior balance
  • Expandable installation
  • Delay sequence between polarity change
  • Reliable, balanced 24/7 operation
  • Independent set-up for each zone delivers targeted specifications as needed, over large areas
  • Up to 75% lower maintenance time required than comparable systems
  • No oppositely charged emitter to interact and create wear or contaminants
  • Hangers and ion bars snap together without any special tools
  • Optimizes ionization efficiency over large ranges of air flow
  • Made in the United States of America
  • See photos of a room system
  • Fill out a IRIS Room Ionization Referral Form HERE
  • IRIS Room System Brochure
  • IRIS Overview

IRIS Room Accessories

Item # Description List Price
50801 Connector Assembly $199.55
50803 Connector Bar, 2ft, No Emitters $302.11
50804 Connector Bar, 3ft 10in, No Emitters $383.89
50805 Connector Bar, 4ft, No Emitters $333.82
50806 Connector Bar, 8ft, No Emitters $383.89
50807 Ceiling Mount Ion Bar, 4ft, No Emitters $333.82
50808 Ceiling Mount Ion Bar, 6ft, No Emitters $433.97
50809 Ceiling Mount Ion Bar, 8ft, No Emitters $467.36
50810 Ceiling Mount Ion Bar, 8ft, 1 Sensor $784.50
50811 L Connector $50.05
50812 T Connector $95.12
50813 Elbow Jumper, 4in $73.43
50814 T Jumper, 4in Male/Female $63.42
50816 Cap Assembly, Male End $23.36
50817 Emitter, Tungsten, 12in Long, 2in Flex Extension $47.14
50818 Emitter, Tungsten, 6in Long, 2in Flex Extension $34.58
50819 Emitter, Tungsten, 2in Long, 2in Flex Extension $37.39
50820 Ion Sensor $132.83
50821 Bar Extrusion with Dome Cap $177.54
50822 Bar Extrusion with Flat Cap $22.20
50823 Bar Cap Dome $10.63
50824 Coax Connector, Male $3.78
50825 Coax Connector, Female $8.19
50826 Sensor Cable $3.73
50827 High Voltage Wire, 30kVDC $2.79
50828 Christmas Tree Clip $0.58
50829 Christmas Tree Square Cap $0.79
50830 Hanger, 6in, Single Head $26.90
50831 Sleeve for Hanger Shaft $1.04
50832 White ABS for Hanger $5.48
50833 Hanger, 9in Long, 2in x 1in Clip $30.58
50834 Hanger, 9in Long, 1-3/8in x 1in Clip $30.58
50835 Hanger, 9in Long, 1in x 3/4in Clip $30.58
50836 Hanger, 9in Long, 2-1/2in x 1in Clip $30.58
50837 Hanger, 9in Long, 2-1/4in x 1in Clip $30.58
50838 Hanger, 126in Long $35.54
50839 Single Wire, White Jacket, High Voltage, 30KV DC $3.00
50840 Emitter, Tungsten, 18" Long, 2" Flex $66.00
50841 Iris, 1 To 2 Emitter, Modif Bar, 28" L W/24" Spacing $210.00
50842 Iris, 1 To 2 Emitter, Modif Bar, 14" L W/12" Spacing $147.00
50850 Interface Box $211.15
50860 Banana Plug, Male $10.45
50861 Banana Plug, Female $25.67

US Patents 6,205,408 and 6,502,053

“Necessary non-conductors in the environment cannot lose their electrostatic charge by attachment to ground. Ionization systems provide neutralization of charges on these necessary non-conductive items (circuit board materials and some device packages are examples of necessary non-conductors). Assessment of the ESD hazard created by electrostatic charges on the necessary nonconductors in the work place is required to ensure that appropriate actions are implemented, commensurate with risk to ESDS [ESD sensitive] items”. (ANSI/ESDS20.20-2007 Foreword)

“In order to mitigate field-induced CDM [Charged Device Model] damage, the ESD program shall include a plan for the handling of process-required insulators. If the field exceeds 2,000 volts/inch, steps shall be taken to either: A) Separate the insulator from the ESD-sensitive device by a distance of 30 cm (12 inches); or B) Use ionization or other charge mitigating techniques to neutralize the charge.” (ANSI/ESDS20.20-2007 section 8.3)

“The primary method of static charge control is direct connection to ground for conductors, static dissipative materials, and personnel. A complete static control program must also deal with isolated conductors that cannot be grounded, insulating materials (e.g., most common plastics), and moving personnel who cannot use wrist or heel straps or ESD control flooring and footwear. Air ionization is not a replacement for grounding methods. It is one component of a complete static control program. Ionizers are used when it is not possible to properly ground everything and as backup to other static control methods. In clean rooms, air ionization may be one of the few methods of static control available.” (ESD Handbook TR20.20 Ionization, section

“All ionization devices will require periodic maintenance for proper operation. Maintenance intervals for ionizers vary widely depending on the type of ionization equipment and use environment. Critical clean room uses will generally require more frequent attention. It is important to set-up a routine schedule for ionizer service. Routine service is typically required to meet quality audit requirements.” (ESD Handbook TR 20.20 section Maintenance / Cleaning)

“Activities that handle items that are susceptible to less than 100 volts HBM may require additional control elements or adjusted limits.” [ANSI/ESD S20.20 section 2.0]

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  • TB-6602 - IRIS Room Ionization System Installation, Operation and Maintenance